Outfit post and hijab tutorial : a plaid evening

So yesterday was my birthday and I went over to visit my in laws in the evening for tea and this is what I wore :


I paired a black hi-low top with a chiffon plaid skirt. And a simple cotton hijab.

What I loved most about this hijab is that it was very big and can be styled with a little volume while covering your chest at the same time.


For all Maldivian readers, I’d like to note that I bought the hijab from a local online store : velly velly , I love how big their plain hijabs are and would love to buy from them again! :)

Since many of you have asked me regarding a simple every day hijab style, I thought I’d make a tutorial of my everyday hijab style using a maxi cotton hijab. I’ve seen many tutorials but I have to make changes in order to make the hijab longer and cover the chest area. I know this would be a concern for many of you readers so I hope my tutorial would be helpful.

I’m sorry in advance for the poor video quality as this was taken from my phone and awkward smile , this is the first video tutorial I’ve made featuring myself ;)
Ps: also turn off the background sound if you don’t like it .

Outfit post : breezy and elegant

Comfort plays a big part in most of my outfits, I like like wearing loose tops and loose hijabs especially if the weather is warm . Tonight I chose something light and comfy to wear. A jersey dress with a loose chiffon poncho style top over as the jersey material tends to stick to my body and I don’t wear stretchy fabrics that show off my shape.


I paired the dress and top with a soft black shawl and under scarf and comfy shoes


I went out to meet a friend and as we walked back home a few people on a street corner (a hijabi included) made a few remarks and laughed right at me, or at my outfit I suppose. It amuses me to think that most Maldivians despite growing up to be adults hanging out at coffee shops feel compelled to act like high schoolers laughing at the girl who refused to wear the same pink top as the most popular girl in school. No one has to wear the same crinkly huge hijab with the same black skinny pants and tight top.People are different and people make different choices. Sadly the concept of “live and let live” and “minding ones own business” is completely foreign to the society I live in.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Keep checking for more posts! ;)

Outfit post : casual and comfy

So about a week ago I had a day out : I went out for breakfast and did a bit of shopping and I had three hijab styling clients that day at various times from 2pm till 6pm .
One thing I’ve learned is on a hectic day like the one I had, you can’t find time to go and change in to evening clothes so I stuck to this outfit the whole day :



I paired this basic navy blue dress with a grey cardigan and wore a houndstooth printed layer hijab from Sahara shawl along with a criss cross undercap . This look is a new style for me so I’m experimenting with different shawls. What do you think?

Outfit post : turquoise green and mustard

Of late, turquoise blues and greens have been a favourite and weddings and colour themed parties. However it is very important to realise that there is a distinctive difference between a turquoise blue and a turquoise green shade.

Recently I mixed and matched to produce this ensemble . I had a pretty turquoise green skirt with a floral print and. Darker green knit top which I finally paired with a mustard coloured scarf that matched the flower print on my skirt.



What do you think? I think both colours mixed well!

Outfit post : pretty in purple

So it has been ages since my last post. I have been exhausted (really exhausted) for the past three months (starting from October till December) . The wedding season was quite tiring and at the end I felt really drained and that nothing was left in me so I took a small vacation to reboot.
I did a lot of shopping! Especially for clothes to wear out of the house and Alhamdulillah , I managed to to find some cute pieces that I can mix and match !
Here is an ensemble I put together a few days ago: enjoy!



I paired a purple dress with a floral knit top and a purple hijab and belt and neutral shoes ~