Outfit post : Mint and tangerine

My husband and I have this little tradition where we go out to breakfast on the occasional Friday. Today being one of those days we woke up earlier than usual and went out to start the weekend with some good food.

pic 1

I’ve been working on losing weight for the past five months and with a few changes to my diet and some exercise I’ve managed to lose about 7 to 8 kg Alhamdulilah. To celebrate, I decided to order a few dresses Ive been eyeing for some time at Malaysia’s famous online clothing store The poplook !

I was rather vary about the sizing since sizes from Malaysian/Indonesian clothing stores were usually smaller than the average sizes but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to find out that the poplook had special CURVE and TALL sizes for taller and big made people.

pic 2

Alhamdulilah since losing weight could manage to find my size quite easily . Today I wore the Nasha Dress in Dusty mint and paired it with a pretty orange hijab, printed orange flats, and orange belt with pearl detailing and pretty hijab pins with pearls and a hint of gold.

pic 3There’s absolutely nothing on my face except moisturizing face cream (I don’t quite believe in make up of any kind at 8am in the morning! ).

pic 4One thing I really liked about this dress was the stretchable elastic waist which was not too tight but just perfect to give that modest chic look. The chiffon and the soft, light lining underneath proved really pleasant and comfortable wear especially in this hot and humid weather.

PIC 5I really liked the detail on the sleeves ; tiny gathers at the elbow which were not too tight but just perfect to give that modest and feminine look.


Dress : Nasha Dress from Poplook

Belt : local store here in Male’

Shoes : Free guys (Majeedhee magu , Male’)

Hijab : Ranikamana (Lonuziyaaraiy Magu Male’)

Handbag  : Ancona (lilly magu , Male’)

Hijab pins : Balqis

Bracelets : Present from my sis-in-law



Hijab friendly wear : Citra Style

Citra Style is a Dubai based online clothing store with contemporary yet modest designs for the classy Muslimah. Founded by German born Habibah Chbib and her husband Muhammed Chbib , Citra style has begun a worldwide revolution as to providing Muslimahs many modest dress options to choose from.

I went through her page and came up with a few favourite pieces which I think is a must have in all our closets :


my picks from citra style
The poncho tops and bat wing over sized cardigans were my favourites and can be conveniently
paired with just any outfit!
I’ve made a few looks featuring a piece from Citra Style as well :
citra style 2

Print top

Loose fit pants

K Amato hinged bangle


citra style 2

Club L white formal dress
$22 - thehut.com

Long maxi cardigan

Giuseppe Zanotti pumps

Red satchel
$460 - angeljackson.com

Metallic stretch belt


citra style 1

Long sleeve top

Purple skirt

L K Bennett leather clutch
$325 - lkbennett.com

River Island stone jewelry
$25 - riverisland.com

Square Hijabs

What were your favourite pieces from Citra Style? what would you pair it with?
Take a peek at their facebook page here and their instagram account here.

Abaya Alternatives

Hi again ladies!

In an attempt to update my blog more often, I’ve put together three outfits that could be used as abaya alternatives as well. Instead of the customary black you can go for a colourful option. Check out my polyvore post for more details.


abaya alternatives

Hijab for men

Yes! You might be laughing right now but it’s high time someone sat down and wrote something about how men should dress because apparently a lot of men seem to think that it is only women who have to dress modestly and make their so called (sometimes over enthusiastic and rude ) views very public and inappropriate Islamic-wise when their “advise” turns in to a sort of witch hunt which in turn become leering, name calling and bullying all of which Islam forbids us.

So here goes , a few reminders to all the brothers out there , there is hijab for you too!

1. Extremely tight clothing : guess what? It’s not only the women who have to be aware about this. Keep your six pac bodies covered for your wives to see. Further more those skin tight pants /jeans so famous amongst the younger generations are not the best wear especially for prayer. Apart from looking totally ridiculous (in my opinion) skin tight clothing for men should be worn at your local bodybuilding gathering and not meant to be worn anywhere public, especially to the mosque.

2. Pull your pants up!! Another common trend amongst the men is to show the top half of their boxers/underwear (or God forbid the top half of their bare bottoms) keeping the waistline of their pants so low that it looks like its on the verge of dropping to the floor. Apart from looking like you bought your pants the wrong size it is completely inappropriate for you to pray  showing the upper half of your backside to the rest of the jamah at the masjid. This is a really serious issue that a lot of men tend to ignore and oh so conveniently start bullying the sisters about dressing modestly.

3. T shirts with inappropriate words : While walking in the streets of Male’ I was shocked to come across a man wearing a t shirt saying “great in bed” . Seriously guys??? You think that fact has to be announced publicly for everyone to see? I think that judgement should be made by your wife somewhere private. What if you bumped in to your mother/grandmother/aunt while wearing that? Have you no shame? Modesty/Haya is NOT reserved for girls only . Also please know what you’re wearing, my dad once mentioned an incident where someone wore a t shirt with a marijuana leaf printed on it to the masjid but didn’t know what it was about. You’d probably find t shirts with almost any word/symbol printed on it so please know what those words/symbols mean before you decide to purchase any such garment.

4. Short shorts/speedos : Your awrah is between your knavel to your KNEES! Yeah, Knees! Your thighs come before your knees and should be kept covered since it is a part of your awrah. This is something a lot of men forget (again!). Sporting activities you may take part in are not exceptions to reveal your awrah.

5. Cleanliness : A few brothers use “following the sunnah” as an excuse to remain like a dump! Did you know that cleanliness is a sunnah??? The Prophet (pbuh) stressed so much on being clean and presentable. Baths, keeping your beads and hair combed and wearing perfume/attar/deodorant is very very important!! You aren’t following the sunnah if you don’t end up following all of it.

The best thing about how to dress is to use this bit of advice : Is this something I could pray in? If it it isn’t may be its not the best thing to wear.

6. Lower your gaze/be modest : Guess what? this is certainly NOT meant for women only! You cannot blame how other people are dressed just because you cannot discipline yourself to lower your gaze!! The way a woman dresses is not actually a factor in this case, in my opinion. Ive had complaints from many sisters (hijabis and even niqabis!) that just because they are dressed a certain way some brothers think it is completely “alright” to gape at them or follow them around on their bikes (which is seriously very disturbing and creepy) . Please keep in mind that the woman you are gaping at might be married or a mother/grandmother of many children. If you feel like you are interested in someone approach her family/parents without acting like a stalker.

Having modestly/Haya is not only meant for women you know. Just because you are a man it doesn’t give you the license to freely talk and flirt (or try to flirt) with other women. You have absolutely no right to treat ANY WOMAN like they are dirt , humiliating her, exposing her weaknesses, calling names, stealing photos and putting them up online “anonymously” all in the name of “dawah” and “encouraging sisters to dress modestly”. Do you honestly think that anyone (including yourself if you were a woman) would be encouraged at all by your bullying??? If you are so concerned over the way women dress you could may be advice them kindly (preferably without any trips down guiltville) and may be you will get a positive outcome. If you get a rude response don’t try to take the dirty path and needlessly attack her. That is true strength and it isn’t completely necessary for you to have the last and final word in everything just because you may think your egos were a bit bruised!

Some brothers are of the opinion that their behavior in real life should be modest but their online behavior could be just the opposite. How can both situations be any different? Do you think Allah (Swt) is not watching your actions when you are online? Stealing, lying, using foul language, insulting, stalking, harassing sisters by sending threatening messages, looking and watching things you aren’t supposed to be watching.are all accounted for you know. You cannot gape at pictures of sisters on a page /group clearly meant for all women and then go around saying its on the internet for the world to see! There are women walking on the roads too and you are meant to lower your gaze, same rule applies on the internet you know. Would you barge your way in to an all ladies gathering in real life and start yelling at all of them about how they dress?  Allah (Swt) can see you if you hide behind a computer screen even if we don’t.

Why am I going in to detail about behavior? You may think I have issues. Frankly, I DO have a lot of issues with the way that most men think they can lord over us telling us what to wear and how to behave when they are in fact violating every single bit of “advice” they give us. Some people do not even realise that there are certain ways men should dress and behave as well. Hijab for both men and women is not only a dress code, hijab is completed when we behave modestly along with our dress. Islam was sent to BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. I think its very hypocritical to assume that as long as the womenfolk live according to its rules you will be saved from the hellfire as well right?

So next time, before you decide to comment under a picture of some random hijabi with THIS IS NOT HIJAB and go on to give a lecture (or worse use foul language and insult every aspect of her looks and condemn her to hell). Please look at yourself and the way you dress and behave before you start pointing fingers at the next person.

No pictures in this post ladies, in sha Allah my next post will be a more style related one! :)



Of hijab styling and designing ….

Most of you might know me from my page Shumsie’s Bridal Hijabs, the truth is I’ve been blogging about hijab styling /fashion for almost two years before I started the page. I am not nor did I ever claim to be the first hijab stylist in Maldives , I have promoted Ruhy’s work ( first hijab stylist in Maldives in my opinion) on several posts on my previous blog/s , I have been admiring work from Turkish and Egyptian hijab stylists before and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ruhy was styling hijabs here in Maldives. She was also featured in the bride show which used to air on a local channel here in Maldives.


I’d like to get somethings out in the open here on this post so please bear with me even if you think what I write is “unprofessional” (After all this is my personal blog, I can write whatever I want on it).

I started experimenting with turkish styles after watching a few videos and doing much research online about hijab styling. I still remember the day I got my first mannequin and a piece of satin and started to practice. I’d like to note that no one directed me to any videos , I did the searching myself (learning a few turkish terms for “hijab” “hijab styling” and “bridal” while doing so haha!)


The day I started my page I received a wall post from a fake profile with a link to my interview with Ruhy saying that I “stole” her idea. I admire her work greatly but in a world where there are hundreds of hijab stylists especially in countries like Turkey , Egypt and so many more  I don’t think that my decision to start hijab styling as a profession has anything to do with “stealing” anyone else’s idea and the person who wrote this is very small minded or just searching for trouble.

I started my page after almost two months of practice at home. I used to work on my mannequin daily and post updates on facebook. My friends and contacts encouraged me to start a page so I did eventually.


I’d like to add that my work as a hijab stylist is still a work in progress and that I learn something new everyday. I feel that I am not qualified enough to actually charge people so that they could learn from me however I have shared several videos on youtube on some basic styles which I feel that any person can improve through them and then go on to create styles of their own. This is how I learned than actually imitating every detail of another person’s work. I usually bring my own spin in to the mix.

Here are links to the videos I have made so that you can take a look at them yourself and try out styles, my main aim and purpose is to encourage people that they can actually work a hijab on their wedding day without feeling like you are missing out on the whole bridal experience.

I’d like as many of you who are reading this to share my videos and learn from them for free instead of paying eons of money on courses that are held which teach you more or less the same styles.

I am still figuring out the fabric amounts , types etc. What I know now and understand of fabric types and amounts are through experience, there isnt a tutorial or course anywhere that tell you EVERY DETAIL about which fabric /fabric amount which works best for you, or what pins are the best or the exact place where the pins go for each look. Like I said before it works differently with each person.

Styles are usually made by the stylist but the technique is the main thing, you get different techniques that make up the different styles and diffrenet fabrics for each technique.( I hope I am making sense here! )

The ready to wear hijabs on my page are solely the work of Niuma my business partner and close friend. Masha Allah she is very creative and persuaded me to start a ready to wear range with her and I am glad that she did! We have Alhamdulilah had much success in Maldives and well as internationally with our ready to wear hijabs. Niuma knows most of the mechanics to sewing the pieces and I help her out with fabrics and accessories. The ready to wear hijabs have taken up much of our time and lots of effort especially on Niuma’s part in finding out the perfect design so that it looks live styled when worn. We have experimented several methods and change our general pattern several times and we are still learning with the introduction of new techniques to live hijab styling as well. We do not conduct any classes either sewing/live styling and any claims made by anyone that we have taught them is false.


It may be easy for some of us to take a ready to wear hijab , scrutinize it and say “this isn’t much work!” but I wonder how easy it will be for people to actually put hours of thought and experimentation in to the original design.

There are no courses for any person to learn to be creative, it should come from all that you put in to your work.

I am not going to slam this post shut claiming to be the most creative person out there, Masha Allah , Allah has blessed me with a little creativity so have all of you aspiring stylists out there and my gentle advise to you is to be as original as possible. Isn’t it better for you to actually be seen for who you are than a shadow of someone else?

Niuma and I do get inspiration from many stylists designers/brands especially from Jailan Atef , Shehreen Hijab, Uzma Chaudhry and many many Turkish stylists for their intricate folds and ruffles, neat pleats and elegant bead work done on each hijab.

Why am I posting all this? I think I’ll be speaking for many original stylists and designers when I say that it is insulting, very immature and childish when people tend to imitate styles detail for detail or worse use our pictures or youtube videos which we have done for the benefit of the public for monetary gain and especially when people think that it is completely alright to take a sewn piece and make an exact replica and pass it off as “easy to make”.

Copying is easy for everyone, coming up with original designs aren’t so easy after all.

Im not saying that every hijab stylist/designer in Maldives or anywhere else behaves this way. Masha Allah there are some very original people out there! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dheeko (founder of hijab pin store “Balqis” ) who is a very creative hijab stylist and her pins are absolutely amazing! There are many more original and creative people here in Maldives as well as internationally , may Allah (Swt) keep them that way, insha Allah !

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 11.05.37 PM

I’m not trying to create any trouble with this post but both Niuma and I agreed that we wont be taken advantage of / nor will we allow our hard work to be taken credit of by someone else.

Hope you all have a happy december!


Hopefully Im done with the wedding season since I (Shamma) am leaving in a few days for my best friend’s wedding and I cannot wait to share my outfits for the event with you all! do follow me on instagram for quicker updates!