Outfit post : Day at the beach

Last weekend, I went to hulhumale’ (a thirty minute ferry ride from Male’; where I live ) to spend the morning at the beach with my husband and his sisters and cousins.┬áIt was a bright sunny day and I opted to wear something cooling and comfortable with a beachy feel to it at the same time :


A jersey maxi dress with a chiffon tassel cardigan and a soft crepe shawl wrapped loosely to let the air circulate.



I paired the clothes with a woven bad and comfy shoes.




I love how the flower print on the cardigan pops out when worn with black




_MG_1483The tasseled sleeves look lovely but can prove to be somewhat inconvenient as they kept getting tangled on the zipper of my bag , branches etc.

What do you think? What would you wear for a day spent by the sea with the sun above you and sand beneath your feet?

Outfit Post : A grey evening

It has been a very hectic week, with bridal orders and weddings every evening and I haven’t had much time to blog or keep my instagram or pages updated. I finally found some time this afternoon to take a few pictures and blog my evening outfit :

IMG_1031Top to toe in hues of grey, black and a bit of white.

IMG_1032I added a sparkly statement necklace to add some elegance to this very casual looking ensemble.

IMG_0992I love the wavy folds on the sides of this skirt; gives it a very edgy + Boho-esque vibe.

IMG_1014Pretty pin from Balqis


A bit of bling gave this outfit the perfect look for an evening out.


What do you think? how would you pair your grey and black clothes?

Outfit Post : Florals and head chains

The mid term break has officially begun and with it I have been up to my ears in bridal hijab styling appointments and headpiece and bouquet orders. However today being a friday, I was rather free and decided to spend sometime out with my husband. I made a head / forehead chain to match with my hijab and wore this elegant Saveeria Print chiffon maxi dress from Poplook :

IMG_0799I paired the dress with a glitter, maxi hijab in mint .

IMG_0825The dress had a beautiful floral print running down the sides of both arms and the same print at the hem as well.


Beautiful flower pin from Balqis

Handmade head-chain


Mint flower pin from Vonaish .

What do you think? What would you wear to spend an evening out with that someone special ?

Outfit post : Flower crowns and flowing skirts

So yesterday, two friends and I decided to break from the usual routine and go have some fun. We went on a picnic to a nearby island (30 minute ferry ride) from Male’ and had an afternoon tea picnic with the grass under our feet and the sky above our heads which is a rare thing for one to experience while living in the over crowded capital of Maldives.

We also decided to dress up a little and I made flower crowns for all of us so we could take some outfit pictures and we ended up taking a lot of outfit videos as well.

blog 2

Shaha opted for the large colourful flower crown with a simple hijab drape.


I went for a loose hijab drape as well , I chose a hijab with a lace border and went for a simple leafy wreath .

IMG_0686 blogNiuma went for a medium sized flower crown that made the hidden colours of her dress pop (You can see her dress in the video below)

Here is our complete outfit video! I’m sorry if the video is a bit too shaky, I’m just getting used to my new camera.

Remember to hit the mute button if you’d rather watch it without the music  :)

Outfit Post : Casual chic

Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since my last update. I’ve been rather busy preparing for bridal hijab styling clients especially during the one week mid term school holidays during the end of March.

I had several hijab styling appointments  this afternoon and evening and we’ve been experiencing a heat wave. I decided to wear some light colours so that I wouldn’t feel so warm while I was out in the afternoon sun.


An oversized chiffon hi-lo shirt with a grey jersey dress and a pale pink sparkly maxi hijab


I love how the shirt clings loosely to your frame. Jersey is not the best fabric to wear without an over-shirt, as it clings to your body so this chiffon shirt is ideal to wear over a tighter undershirt or dress.



Pretty dangle pin from Vonaish


Cute daisy pin from Balqis


Bow tie ring gifted by a friend

So what do you think? What would you wear during extremely hot weather?