Hijabi Fashion Week : Day 6 : Eid

Day 6 of hijabi fashion week focuses on what we would wear for Eid. For Eid I would choose something very dressy, with a matching hijab. Eid is a time for joy and celebration and I’d make sure I would dress the part ;)

hfw day 6 (2)This gorgeous pearl and lace abaya with a calligraphy hijab and a pair of glittery flats.

hfw day 6 (1)

I love the pearl detail on the sleeves and neckline, pity though since i usually cover that area with my hijab,

Abaya : Maaz Abaya

Hijab : Veil art

Hijab pin : Balqis

Shoes: Anew (majeedhee magu)

Hijabi Fashion Week : Day 5 : Vacation/travel

When I go out on vacation I’d opt for something colourful yet comfortable. An easy scarf is a must , so is a roomy handbag. Check out what I’ve put together , this is my ideal vacation outfit!

hfw day 5 (3)

A comfortable lace maxi dress with buttons at the cuffs so wudhu is possible at any time, an easy chiffon hijab with a matching pin and a roomy handbag and of-course, comfortable footwear!

hfw day 5 (2)

I love the cut of this dress, gives a pretty elegant look and makes me look slim ;) The lace is absolutely gorgeous too!

hfw day 5 (1)

Dress : Poplook

Handbag : Ancona (lilly magu)

Hijab : homemade

Hijab pin : Balqis

Hijabi Fashion Week : Day 4 : excercise

Day 4 of hijabi Fashion week is about what a hijabi would wear when exercising. Since i go to a women only gym I usually wear a pair of knickerbockers with a short sleeved top. Since this isn’t a hijab friendly outfit, I have posted my alternative outfit which is what I would wear if I went out for a walk by the beach for exercise.

hfw day 4

A loose abaya with bat-wing sleeves, comfy running/walking shoes and a comfy chiffon shawl.

hfw day 4 (2)Abaya : Shop in hill street, Dehiwala, Sri lanka

Shawl : homemade

Shoes: Sonee sports.


Hijabi Fashion Week : Day 3 : Girls night out.

For Day 3 of Hijabi Fashion Week , we are all dressing up to go out and have fun with our friends. For a girls night out I would wear the following :

hfw day 3 (1)A bright red chiffon dress, a contrasting black shawl and a bit of bling with a matching handbag.

hfw day 3 (2)I love the cut of this dress, very loose and flowing and with a back sash.

hfw day 3 (3)

Dress : Poplook

Scarf : (fothi fihaara majeedhee magu)

Bag : Ancona (lilly magu)

bracelets : pearl bracelet: lulu (sosun magu)

starfish bracelet : Rings and things

hijab pins : Balqis

Hijabi Fashion Week : Day 2 : Work wear

So as you all probably know I am a hijab stylist and there isn’t any particular work wear for me as such except what I choose to wear to go style my clients’ hijabs/attend a photo-shoot etc. I try to look professional but keep things fun at the same time. For Day 2 of Hijabi Fashion Week I’ve chosen the following combination for my workwear outfit.

hfw day 2

A warm blush coloured peplum dress and a mustache printed shawl with a bow-tie hijab pin and a black tote.

hfw day 2 (2)I added a few rings, my favourite being the “keep calm and style your hijab” ring ;)

hfw day 2 (3)Najwa Dress : Poplook

Bag : Ancona (Lilly magu)

shawl : etsy

Rings : gift

Rings and things

Do check out the outfits from all the other participants! just search instagram for the tagsĀ #hijabifashionweek #HFWxIG