Outfit post : Good friends & good news ~

Last Saturday I went to visit a dear friend who recently had a baby girl (Masha Allah). Life changes as we grow but the wonderful thing is that good friends remain as kind and as sweet and cordial as the day you met them for the first time.

Saturday was a busy day for me as I was finishing orders and getting ready for the week ahead so I put together a simple and quick outfit which didn’t need much preparation (especially ironing! haha!) for my evening out :

outfit 2 2  A cotton printed dress, long grey cardigan and a navy blue sparkle hijab with comfy shoes (perfect for walking)

outfit 2 1

A hint of colour with my monochrome outfit ; Navy blue sparkly hijab and my own signature handmade cord bracelet from Rings & Things

outfit 2 4

Large shoulder pins from Vonaish (love them!)

outfit 2 5 copy

Small sparkly pin from Balqis (My favourite local hijab accessory store!)

outfit 2 3

Cute, comfortable and stylish; Just what I wanted for a casual evening out.

What do you think? what would you wear for an evening out to visit a friend?

outfit post : wide belts and pastel hues

This was yesterday’s outfit; I paired an oversized pale pink studded top with a black t shirt (worn underneath) with a black wide skirt and a wide belt together with an ombre hijab :

outfit 1

Please excuse my awkward pose, I was trying out my new camera and wireless remote and I dont seem to get the hang of the “hiding my remote” pose :P

outfit 1 (3)

I simply love baggy tops! They look so good worn with a skirt! I’m loving the colour in this top as well, the pale hue can be paired with a variety of colours.

outfit 1 (4)

outfit 1 (5)

outfit 1 (2)

Full outfit : The colours of the outfit are somewhat different in the picture above as this was taken at night

So what do you think of my outfit? how would you pair your black skirt?


Recent work: from spikes to peonies

So I’ve been pretty busy lately making new jewellery for my online business Rings & Things and bridal accessories for my other business Shumsie’s Bridal hijabs

I make almost all the jewellery (yes I get the charms and stuff shipped but I assemble all the pieces and make them in to bracelets , anklets etc.)
I’ve been working with beads lately and here are a few of my signature (one piece) items :

I usually make the necklaces pretty long as most of my customers are hijabis and long necklaces always look good with a hijab.


Recently I made this statement piece with pearls and tear drop crystals :


This was my first piece using pearls and I made it to
match a bracelet which I had made sometime back (the bracelet is featured on the above picture as well.)
I simply adore the effect rose gold has on white pearls and pale pink crystals give the perfect finish to this elegant, girlish piece.

Here is a short video I made while working on this piece ; beaded necklaces take a lot of thought and work and time as well .

I’ve also been working on a few bridal headpieces , I’m obsessed with bridal wreath bands and I’ve found a few ways to wear it with a hijab.


I recently made a “flower crown” kind of wreath for a bridal order as well :


I made both wreaths using silk flowers, silk flowers are easy to work with especially on a hijab/hair piece.

Last week I was working on a handmade foam
Peony bouquet. Making peonies is a rather difficult task and I start my work at least a week before as peony making involves several steps.
Here is another short video taken and complied while working on each step. The end result is a joy to look at. Alhamdulillah :)

Hijab tutorial : loose wrap with earring/dangle brooch

Happy world Hijab day! This is a great time for all of you who have been considering to wear the hijab to try it on .This is one of my all time favourite hijab wraps , I used a soft crepe shawl (the kind that usually comes with abayas) and a ninja cap from sugarscarf (believe me they are the comfiest things one could possibly wear under a hijab!)
Once again, my sincere apologies for the video quality. Also yes, I need to clean my workroom mirror more often :p

Outfit post and hijab tutorial : a plaid evening

So yesterday was my birthday and I went over to visit my in laws in the evening for tea and this is what I wore :


I paired a black hi-low top with a chiffon plaid skirt. And a simple cotton hijab.

What I loved most about this hijab is that it was very big and can be styled with a little volume while covering your chest at the same time.


For all Maldivian readers, I’d like to note that I bought the hijab from a local online store : velly velly , I love how big their plain hijabs are and would love to buy from them again! :)

Since many of you have asked me regarding a simple every day hijab style, I thought I’d make a tutorial of my everyday hijab style using a maxi cotton hijab. I’ve seen many tutorials but I have to make changes in order to make the hijab longer and cover the chest area. I know this would be a concern for many of you readers so I hope my tutorial would be helpful.

I’m sorry in advance for the poor video quality as this was taken from my phone and awkward smile , this is the first video tutorial I’ve made featuring myself ;)
Ps: also turn off the background sound if you don’t like it .