Getting ready for your wedding I : getting started

Once again I am back with a post for all those brides to be! this one will be informative for all brides (and a lot of grooms as well! ) . As I have been working as a bridal hijab stylist/bouquet & accessory designer for nearly four years, I have learned a bit about how things are done and what mistakes should be avoided .

So lets get started shall we?

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The magical day most of you were dreaming about ever since you watched your first disney movie and saw the prince and princess live “happily ever after” is finally in sight! However getting there in those movies were easy, snow white would have probably sung a song and the birds and woodland creatures would have fashioned her gown and decorated the venue but it isn’t so simple in real life now is it? There are MANY things to consider before getting married (apart from the obvious reasons being your partner of choice and the life you have envisioned for yourselves) and I have decided to highlight on the most basic and important ones you need to start with as soon as you decide to get married .

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How will you be celebrating your marriage? For a lot of us , a wedding is expected to follow a marriage ceremony however this need not be the case for everyone . A lot of couples Ive worked with have a simple marriage ceremony at home and take some pictures (in a studio or outdoors while on the honeymoon) wearing wedding attire (gown/traditional clothing/etc.) . I once met a bride who planned to have a photo shoot by the beach and then have a BBQ with friends wearing labelled t shirts for “bride” , “groom” etc. (sounds fun right? ) . If you are planning to have a party / parties make sure what you have in mind for each event and make sure to combine those ideas with the most important people ; your partner , your family and your partner’s family. This is something that you should FINALIZE before you meet any vendors etc.

Set a budget : Once you have decided how you’d like your marriage to be celebrated it is time to set a budget. As a person working in the wedding industry I can say for sure that it makes work easier for us as well. However , be realistic with how much you want to spend for each and every aspect of your wedding. Call vendors, visit shops/websites etc and learn what the price ranges are for everything : venues, catering, clothing, jewellery, beauty treatments, makeup, photography/video, travel, stationery ,decor, planner etc. Once that is done, allocate how much you would like spend . My advice : don’t go for cheapest option without considering the quality of the end product or service, read reviews and ask around for recommendations. You get what you pay for so consider how important the items on your wedding checklist are to you and prioritize accordingly (i.e:what is most / least important to you ).

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Visualize your wedding, Start planning choose those you can plan with: Now start focusing on the details, the venue , the decoration, your dress, the number of bridesmaids/flower girls etc. Each and every one of your personal choices have some meaning to most of you so decide on what You and your partner want YOUR WEDDING to look like before you start letting in the flood of ideas from well wishers around you . This brings out the true meaning of a wedding (i.e : celebrate both of you as a married couple with your loved ones). Once you start listening to other ideas feel free to pick and choose which ones you and your partner would like to take in to consideration. Keep the wedding planning committee to a preferable small group of friends/family as people tend to have different ideas and the wedding may turn out to be something you didn’t envision for yourselves when you started planning .

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Have a general idea of what you want :  Do you want crystals and chandeliers or rustic and laid back? These are important questions you need to ask yourself and your partner before planning a wedding. These are important points to discuss with all your vendors especially those involved with decor, floral arrangements etc. You may not know every detail of what you want but once you give them the general idea of what you have in mind they can coordinate their work accordingly. As someone working in the wedding industry I have always had the world “simple” thrown about from many brides who want their hijabs/bouquets made. Let me tell you that the word simple isn’t actually so simple to define. Everyone has their own definition of what simple is (and that may not be simple at all!). What I am trying to say is; it is difficult for all of us to work our magic with just the word ” simple” as a guideline.

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Set a timeline : Write down which goals you need to achieve during the first three/six , month/months of your wedding planning (Depending on how long you have left till your wedding date) . An ideal phase one list of goals  would be deciding on a celebration, venue, theme and most importantly budget allocated for the festivities.



I hope to keep these posts coming and I hope you will find them useful!









Reader request : Niqabs and niqab friendly outfits

Hello everyone! Ramadhan mubarak!

The reason for my absence is due to the fact that I’ve been quite busy tending to bridals and orders for weddings just before Ramadhan.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Ramadhan so far!

This post “reader request” will henceforth be a regular update according what my readers would like me to write about (Fashion and style related of course ) so send in your requests via e mail to

So… back to the topic ; niqabs are as most of you would probably know, the name given to the face veil worn by Muslim women. A reader of this blog is planning to start covering her face in sha Allah and she wanted a few style tips. Yes I am not a niqabi but I do happen to know a little bit about niqabs so I hope this post would be useful to all those niqabis and all those who plan to wear the niqab soon!

A lot of women use a special garment to cover their faces , this piece of clothing is usually tied around your head over your hijab like this :


The niqab has two cloth bands at the end that enables you to tie it simply, like how you would tie the sash of a dress :

(Please note: I’ve used a white hijab so that it is easy for you to see the details of the black niqab against the white)


The niqab piece is available in many colours and in many designs, you get the standard two piece version which enables you to uncover your eyes by flipping the upper piece of cloth (once you tie it around your head) upwards and over your head like this :


The three piece niqab has three parts : namely the stadard upper flap revealing a thinner fabric that keeps your eyes covered but enables the wearer to see through the thin fabric like this :


You have the option to flip the thinner flap over so that your eyes are uncovered. Style tip: you can flip this part over and take the lower end and drap it loosely to frame your face like this and secure the flap with a pin :


Some women prefer to cover their faces using the hijab / shawl used to cover their hair. This is also possible if you are using a very large shawl.

Here are a few outfit ideas for niqabis for a casual day out to a party or event :


niqab 3
niqab 3 by shums featuring a cross body
For a casual day out this is a great option : a plain abaya, with a sensible pair of flats with a tote bag and a black hijab and niqab combination.
Niqab 2
This look is great for a wedding party or event


Niqabi 1
The whole niqab ensemble doesn’t always have to be completely in black, you can go for this brown/creme coloured outfit if you’re heading out to work or while running errands on a sunny morning.
Are you planning to start wearing the niqab soon? what sort of outfit would you choose to wear with a niqab ?

Vacation Diaries I : A pop of orange

Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while since my last post! I have been on Holiday and I am currently trying to settle down to daily routines, unpacking and trying to change my workspace and give it a new look  . Back to my outfit post : here is the first of many updates to come , a casual look I pieced together to go out for lunch and some shopping with my husband.


I dont usually wear orange but I paired this orange shawl so that it brings out the hidden pop of colour in the skirt.


A loose hijab wrap for a hot and sunny afternoon.


Bag from here

I’m simply in love with this bag! It is handy,comfortable and has lots of space! A perfect choice especially when you’re traveling.

I’m sorry for the poor quality of the pictures! Will try to improve my photography and editing skills for the next post in sha Allah!

Keep checking for new posts! I have a new vacation outfit look book video coming out as well!

Outfit post : Day at the beach

Last weekend, I went to hulhumale’ (a thirty minute ferry ride from Male’; where I live ) to spend the morning at the beach with my husband and his sisters and cousins. It was a bright sunny day and I opted to wear something cooling and comfortable with a beachy feel to it at the same time :


A jersey maxi dress with a chiffon tassel cardigan and a soft crepe shawl wrapped loosely to let the air circulate.



I paired the clothes with a woven bad and comfy shoes.




I love how the flower print on the cardigan pops out when worn with black




_MG_1483The tasseled sleeves look lovely but can prove to be somewhat inconvenient as they kept getting tangled on the zipper of my bag , branches etc.

What do you think? What would you wear for a day spent by the sea with the sun above you and sand beneath your feet?